IPfocus Magazine and eZine Launches Latin American edition

This Spanish language edition of the popular Security Technology publication will be circulated  in print and eZine version to an audience of 18,000 across Central and South America. As a biannual publication it will include the usual mix of technical and commercial features, News, Views, Case Studies Member directory and Advertorial material.

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IPfocus Magazine & eZine Special; Edition for  Europe's largest and most successful Security event IFSEC International.  

Take a closer look at the Spring IFSEC Special edition of IPfocus Magazine in PDF or Page View format
As official IFSEC Media Partners, IPfocus International and the IP UserGroup will be actively involved with the event. 
IPfocus International IFSEC International Special magazine in print form will be distributed to 6,000+ individuals and companies in the U  K and circulated at international Trade events such as IFSEC International (UK), IIPSEC Birmingham (UK), EXPO Seguridad (Mexico), IP Security Forum (Italy) and of course our own road show events in the UK, USA and Latin America. The eZine is available in ‘turn page’ or pdf versions and sent to our international membership 45,000 approximately and via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to an estimated 300,000.

IPfocus International - Media Pack and Features List 2016

We are pleased to announce that the revised 2016 IPfocus Media Pack and Features List is NOW available simply click here to download the document (pdf). Features are not cast in concrete, so any queries, ideas or observations please contact us directly. Forward Features in Brief Here..

IPfocus Spring 2016 IFSEC Special edition - Contribute NOW!

IPfocus delivers all that's new in networked and integrated security and building management systems across Europe and the world. Our closed circulation list of Members ensures high quality readership.

We have a focused audience of approximately 45,000 technology and knowledge hungry individuals and organisation from a wide range of industries and vertical markets, including: local and national government, health and education, retail, transport and logistics, entertainment and gaming, finance and banking and commercial and industrial companies. All of these are keen to learn about the application and possible use of IP for security, life safety and BMS applications.


IPfocus Spring Edition - Deadline Approaching


IPfocus is the only publication "Dedicated to Networked Security, Safety and Associated Technologies". As the official technical journal of the IP UserGroup membership, this quarterly publication is circulated in print form to the UK membership FREE, four times a year and distributed at many events in the UK, Europe, USA, India and Latin America and available in electronic turn-page or PDF form across the globe. IPfocus is the launching pad and premier publication for presenting the latest in new products, technologies and industry advancements, to top industry buyers.

REMEMBER - Articles published in IPfocus Magazine and eZine are also featured in our regular IP Connections eNews, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Spring 2016 features:

Key features in this edition  - PLUS Our newest members welcomed, News, Views and the latest products and case studies :

*       IR Imaging & Lighting.

*       VMS - where next?

*       Smart Card / RFID overview.

*       21st Century Monitoring.

*       Selecting a Comms or ISP partner

*       IP in Action: Transportation - Ports &
        Airports Case Studies

*       IP Video for marketing and retail purposes.

*       Product Round-up: Access Management

*       On the Record Interviews - Available

*       Funding for Growth

*       Skills - Recruitment v Training

*       Technology for Technology's sake.

*       Building on a low margin business

*       Finding IP Savvy Installers.

*       Logical and Physical security Issues.

*       IP Migration Planning.

*       Cameras Back to Basics.

*       Thermal as an option.

*       Biomectric ID.

*       Mission Critical Access

*       Network MasterClass from the ground up...

*       IP in Action Retail & Logistics Case Studies

*       Non Security Video Apps.

*       PSIM v VMS.

*       Product Round-up: Megapixel & HD 
        Cameras and Domes

*       Building sound client relationships.

*       Operator awareness - keeping alert.



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